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Old Fashion Day

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This was old fashion day at our church. We put together an area in our fellowship hall to take pictures. We decorated with vine, corn stalks, birdhouses, crows and more.

Once I got the pictures to my computer I converted them all to a sepia tone, it has a more old fashion look to it than black and white. Last I put a soft focus frame around the pictures, some oval shapes some square.

I then printed the pictures off on a cream color linen paper which added to the OLD look.

I then took two days with a lighter and burned the edges all around every picture.    (I did this outside, please if you try this, go outside and be very careful, pieces of paper fall with fire still on them so be VERY careful.) This added a great touch and a musty smell.

I put the pictures on a black felt board, I strung cream colored lace around the pictures, added old fashion cars and pictures (printed off my computer) and the board turned out great.



 These pictures to the right were what the pictures looked like before I printed them to cream linen paper and burned the edges. The sepia tone is applied here.


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